Monday, June 30, 2008

Eurocup winners

Spain's national sport is football. The most read print newspaper is related to sports (euphemism that in Spain refers to a 70% football, 30% other sports).

I'm 37. Spanish selection didn't win a major trophy in my whole life until yesterday. I was firstly dissapointed during the 80's about our lack of victories. Then I was fed up with football once the televisions broadcasted almost every day a match in the early 90's. I quit watching football on TV then. Until this championship. I saw the matches against Italy, Russia and Germany. I suffered when the drawn between Italy and Spain came to the penalty series. Then the Russians want to take revenge of the previous match (1-4 for Spain) and they went home with a final 0-3 score. Then came the allmighty Germany. Their players seem to be armoured towers. But then the spanish players were faster. More accurate. Stronger.

Now my son, 3, walks around the house singing the team's anthem (composed for the World Cup and singed by the National Team): "Go for them, oe... go for them, oe!"

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